Suit up, strap in – and let Helios pave the way. Equipped with superior cooling technology, a blisteringly fast display, and a trove of performance-enhancing features – this gaming máy tính xách tay will be your guide lớn gaming bliss.

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The latest graphics are powered by NVIDIA’s 2nd gen RTX Ampere architecture to lớn give you the most realistic ray-traced graphics & cutting-edge AI features like NVIDIA DLSS. New Max-Q technologies also utilize AI to lớn enable thin, high-performance laptops to lớn be faster & better than ever.


NVIDIA DLSS gives games a speed boost with uncompromised image quality. Crank up the settings & resolution for an even better visual experience.


Ray Tracing is the holy grail of graphics. It simulates how light behaves in the real-world to lớn produce the most realistic và immersive graphics.


NVIDIA Max-Q is a suite of AI-powered technologies that optimize laptops khổng lồ deliver high performance in thin khung factors.

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The Helios 300, as a high-performance gaming laptop, includes only the best, state-of-the-art cooling: custom-engineered 5th ren AeroBlade™ 3D tín đồ Technology and the chilling effects of liquid metal thermal grease on an already industry-leading 12th gen Intel CPU.

Make that per-key RGB backlit keyboard shine with Mini LED1 backlights that are brighter, require less power và are more uniform in màu sắc (with less halo) than their non-Mini LED counterparts. Access PredatorSense™ to further personalize the RGB to lớn your own style.

Pop open PredatorSense™ & mix và match colors khổng lồ your heart"s content. Whether you want khổng lồ adjust your RGB via Pulsar Lighting for a particular theme, manage overclocking, or max out fan hâm mộ speeds – you can vì chưng it all from one easily accessible app.

Plug all your peripherals into the full range of ports, including HDMI 2.1, MiniDP, and a full range of USB 3.2 Gen1 and 2 support. The Thunderbolt™ 4 also supports DisplayPort functionality và Power Delivery3, while the latest HDMI 2.1 specification allows you khổng lồ use an external display such as 4K at 120Hz.

Turn any pair of headphones or speakers into a high-end 360° surround sound system – enabling you to lớn experience your favorite movies, music, & games with real-world spatial sound.