Bayern Munich have concluded another season, adding another Bundesliga title to lớn an already bulging trophy cabinet in the process. 

Pep Guardiola may ultimately feel slightly depressed about the lack of silverware in the Champions League or indeed the DFB-Pokal Cup, but overall it was another year within which Bayern confirmed their place as the very best in Germany & one of the best teams in Europe. 

As such, it is now time to dive into the performances that have been và decipher just which of Bayern"s players have been the best within their own respective areas of the pitch this year. 

Note: Some players were left out of the power nguồn rankings due to a lack of game time for Bayern this season.

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1. Jerome Boateng

Top of the defensive power nguồn rankings is undoubtedly the rock upon which Guardiola built his defence this season: Jerome Boateng. 

The German international has had an outstanding season off the back of winning the World Cup. Aside from a few brief seconds of turmoil against the best player in the world, Lionel Messi, Boateng has proven himself once again as one of Europe"s best central defenders. 

2. Juan Bernat

Many didn"t believe it was possible khổng lồ replace David Alaba when Guardiola moved the Austrian international into midfield, yet here we are in the final days of May, marvelling at the success story that is Juan Bernat. 

Already an accomplished full-back in his own right size his days at Valencia, the Spaniard has hit the ground running in Germany và has taken off with his signature burst of pace. He"s easily the best addition khổng lồ the team this season. 

3. Manuel Neuer

Although not technically a defender, Manuel Neuer has once again proven himself khổng lồ be quite the exceptional sweeper when not saving shots. 

The German keeper has been at his best all season long & continues to be one of the most vital members of this squad & one of the best in his position in the world. 

4. Rafinha 

Rafinha is by no measure one of the best players at Bayern. Always regarded as a backup under Jupp Heynckes, Guardiola has found a use for him at right-back, và to be fair to lớn the Brazilian defender, he hasn"t let his trùm cuối down yet. 

He"s limited in what he can actually bring lớn the squad but had an exceptional season at right-back for Bayern. 

5. David Alaba

David Alaba may now be considered a midfielder in Guardiola"s book but did spend 14 of his 25 appearances for the club this season either at left-back or in central defence. 

If the Austrian had stayed fit for a longer period of time he would of unquestionably been higher on this list, but with limited time on the pitch he only picks up a middle-ranking score for this season. 

6. Mehdi Benatia

Heralded as the long-term partner khổng lồ Jerome Boateng in the centre of defence, Mehdi Benatia"s time at Bayern this season certainly hasn"t gone khổng lồ plan. 

Although he has looked decent—no more và no less—in the games he has featured, it"s clear that Guardiola still isn"t 100 percent certain of him. 

7. Holger Badstuber

One reason why Benatia has had such little luck winning round Guardiola is because this man, Holger Badstuber, walked straight back into the team & performed exceptionally well as soon as he returned from injury. 

Unfortunately, another long-term injury has claimed the German, but for a brief spell he was unquestionably the best defender at Bayern this season. 

8. Dante

Now considered no more than a backup khổng lồ the three or four first-team central defenders, Dante is a defender who has accepted that his 15 seconds of fame in Bavaria are now long gone. 

Of course, he has featured at certain points this season và even looked like his old self at times, but when lined up against his alternatives this year there was really no comparison. 


1. Bastian Schweinsteiger

Although injured for a large part of the 2014/15 season, Bastian Schweinsteiger has returned & regained his role as the commander-in-chief of Bayern"s midfield. 

Perhaps not as mobile and injury-free as he once was in Munich, the German midfielder continues khổng lồ dominate matches from one week to lớn the next. 

2. Xabi Alonso

Alongside Schweinsteiger in midfield has been Xabi Alonso, the recently acquired Real Madrid Galactico who for much of this season has been something of a godsend for Guardiola. 

The Spaniard did begin to look his age in the second half of the season, but when on his trò chơi Alonso was the dictator of pace và play at the heart of Bayern"s midfield. 

3. Philipp Lahm

Unfortunately, lượt thích Schweinsteiger with his injuries & Alonso with his lack of fitness, Philipp Lahm hasn"t always looked in tip-top shape this season. Still a must within this Bayern side, he has not looked quite comfortable since a gruelling World Cup campaign. 

Here"s hoping a long summer break will help with those niggling injuries.

4. Sebastian Rode

Rode is another summer acquisition who, along with Alonso & Bernat, has paid off remarkably well over the course of the season. He may not be quite ready to lớn displace Lahm, Alonso or Schweinsteiger from the first team but has looked exceptionally talented whenever given a chance to lớn prove himself. 

We"ll be seeing a lot more of this central midfielder next season if Guardiola has his way. 

5. Thiago Alcantara

Thiago Alcantara made just seven Bundesliga appearances this season and as such can have little qualms with coming behind his more readily available teammates in midfield.

When fit and playing there are few as talented as the Spaniard at the Munich side, but getting him on the pitch is perhaps the most troubling aspect of Thiago"s game. Should he stay fit, he"ll undoubtedly be a mainstay in the Bayern side next season.

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1. Arjen Robben

Although Arjen Robben has missed the concluding months of this season, his absence alone has determined just how important he has been lớn the team this season. 

The Dutch international has at times dragged Bayern kicking & screaming to lớn victories in the Bundesliga and Champions League. He"s their best attacking player and perhaps the best performer within the entire squad this season.

2. Robert Lewandowski

Despite a relatively shaky start to lớn life in Munich, Robert Lewandowski has found his feet và finished the season with 25 goals for the club. Now that he"s settled & knows his teammates well enough, we can expect that figure lớn only rise next season.

3. Thomas Muller

With 21 goals & 18 assists this season according lớn Transfermarkt, Thomas Muller has enjoyed another fantastic season with Bayern in his own peculiar way.

Although no particular trò chơi stands out as one in which the German forward"s talents were so well-portrayed, he has always found himself in the right place at the right time khổng lồ keep his side ticking over. A discreet necessity, as ever. 

4. Franck Ribery

Although Franck Ribery only made 15 Bundesliga appearances this season, he still managed lớn contribute five goals & nine assists within that short period of time, according lớn Transfermarkt. 

Like other key figures within this squad, injury is the sole reason the Frenchman hasn"t finished further up in the Bayern nguồn rankings. 

5. Mario Gotze

Although Mario Gotze has never once been poor or notably unprofessional for Bayern this season, he hasn"t ever really lived up to the hype that followed him from Borussia Dortmund, either. 

The attacking midfielder is still young and will have the full backing of the club behind him next season, but much more is expected of someone who is supposed to lớn be one of Europe"s brightest talents. 

5. Mitchell Weiser

Mitchel Weiser has played all over the right flank this season, but it has been as a right-winger or a wide midfielder where we"ve seen the best of the emerging talent. His contract may be expiring this summer, but in the brief moments we"ve seen of the 21-year-old, it looks lượt thích he certainly deserves another season to cement his place in the squad.