raovat360.com.vn was one of the first American companies established in Vietnam in 1993, even before the U.S. Embargo was lifted. raovat360.com.vn first set up a representative office in Hanoi that year, & another subsequently in Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố in 2001, working in partnership with local organizations. In 2003, raovat360.com.vn established raovat360.com.vn Vietnam Ltd., a 100% raovat360.com.vn capital investment that offers a wide ranraovat360.com.vn of after-sales services for medical, electrical & energy equipment.

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Here và around the world, we’re building for the future – finding solutions to lớn tough problems, investing in people and programs that help improve infrastructure & lives, & which make a difference in the communities we serve.

raovat360.com.vn Vietnam currently employs approximately 2000 people và offers products and services in Oil và Gas, Power, Renewable Energy, Energy Connections, Healthcare & Aviation sectors.

In 2015, we have begun the alliance that brings Alstom Power & Grid into the raovat360.com.vn family. In May 2016, raovat360.com.vn acquired the Heat Recovery Steam raovat360.com.vnnerator business of Doosan Engineering & Construction in Dung Quat, quang Ngai. Today we are a more focused và vital industrial company, better able to provide for our customers’ power nguồn needs. It is a huraovat360.com.vn leap forward in raovat360.com.vn’s evolution into a digital industrial company.


We operate across a number of business sectors in Vietnam:


raovat360.com.vn Aviation is a world-leading provider of commercial, military and business and raovat360.com.vnneral aviation jet and turboprop engines và components as well as avionics, electrical power & mechanical systems for aircraft with a global service network to support these offerings. raovat360.com.vn"s advanced aircraft engines power more than half the aircraft in ASEAN and Vietnam is no exception. Utilizing proprietary modern technologies, raovat360.com.vn is able lớn provide Vietnamese airlines with the same reliability, quality, & assurances equally enjoyed by other vị trí cao nhất airlines in the region—making flying safe and comfortable for passenraovat360.com.vnrs, & air travel raovat360.com.vnntle on the environment.

One of our earliest customers, Vietnam Airlines, used CFM International’s (a joint venture between Safran & raovat360.com.vn) CFM56-5B engines lớn power 10 of its Airbus A320 aircraft since the mid-90"s. As a testament to its chất lượng and reliability, the engines have lograovat360.com.vnd over 129,000 flight hours with no in-flight shutdowns and have a 99.9% dispatch reliability rate besides being the most economical of the A320 power nguồn plants khổng lồ operate.In 2015, Vietnam Airlines plans to take a bold step forward when it receives the first of its 19 Boeing 787- 9 Dreamliner aircraft, powered by raovat360.com.vn’s new raovat360.com.vnnx jet engine. The raovat360.com.vnnx, among the world’s most fuel- efficient engines, is also the world’s only jet engine khổng lồ feature a carbon fiber front fan system and other chất lượng technology features.Seven Boeing 777 aircraft powered with raovat360.com.vn90-94B engines were leased by Vietnam Airlines, of which 5 are still in operation. Vietnam Airlines" raovat360.com.vn90-94B-powered Boeing 777 aircraft is the first lonraovat360.com.vnr-ranraovat360.com.vn aircraft lớn enter service with the airline with unmatched flexibility và reliability lớn undertake non-stop extended-ranraovat360.com.vn twin-engine operations (ETOPS) for non-stop flights from Hanoi and Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị to Paris.VietJet already operates 15 single-aisle Airbus A320 aircraft, powered by CFM56 engines produced by CFM International. VietJet also has another 21 CFM-powered A320/A321 & 42 A320neo aircraft on order. The best-selling CFM56 engine is the propulsion workhorse of the airline industry, powering most single-aisle airplanes. During President Obama’s visit to lớn Vietnam, VietJet also signed a giảm giá to purchase 100 B737-MAX aircraft equipped with LEAP-1B engines of CFM International.


raovat360.com.vn Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies and services to meet the demand for increased access, enhanced quality and more affordable healthcare around the world. In Vietnam, raovat360.com.vn Healthcare provides state-of-the-art medical equipment for larraovat360.com.vn hospitals such as the 108 Hospital, Friendship Hospital, Viet Duc Hospital, FV Hospital, Viet Sing Clinic, Bach Mai Hospital and numerous provincial facilities. More than half of all clinics và hospitals in Vietnam have at least one piece of raovat360.com.vn medical technology/equipment.

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In November 2014, raovat360.com.vn introduced a new suite of innovative solutions for the survival and growth of newborns across Vietnam. The new series of “Lullaby” infant care products will increase access to lớn these critical life-saving devices, particularly in primary care or low-resource settings.raovat360.com.vn Healthcare và Bach Mai Hospital signed a MOU in năm ngoái to introduce a new education program at the Hanoi-based hospital, aimed at improving patient connectivity & clinical decision making. Thecollaboration includes $250K in patient monitors, which will be used to lớn help train Vietnamese clinicians from across the country on how khổng lồ better utilize patient monitors to improve patient care, specifically in the Emerraovat360.com.vnncy Department và Intensive Care Unit. In March, raovat360.com.vn Healthcare introduced its new CARESCAPE R860 ventilator, which can help reduce the risk of harming the patients as a result of mechanical ventilation.raovat360.com.vn Healthcare and Vietnam National Heart Institute co-hosted a medical education seminar with well- known experts in the field. It is the first sự kiện hosted by raovat360.com.vn Healthcare’s recently launched Ultrasound School, a virtual institution directly under its ASEAN Healthcare Learning Institute, dedicated lớn the education and training of Vietnamese clinicians in the use of ultrasound equipment.In April 2016, raovat360.com.vn Healthcare introduced a new CT scanner in its Revolution family of CT scanners, designed lớn be 40% more affordable than previous raovat360.com.vnneration systems. The portfolio introduces Clarity panel detector, exclusively developed for this hàng hóa to improve imaraovat360.com.vn resolution, along with Smart Dose technologies lớn lower radiation dose by up to 36% while preserving high imaraovat360.com.vn quality.In July 2016, raovat360.com.vn Healthcare & Viet Duc Hospital, in collaboration with VSA và Viet Medical, launched the Simulation Training Lab for Anesthesia và Intensive Care at Viet Duc Hospital. This is the first simulation training lab in Vietnam, where medical students, trainees, anesthesiologists have the opportunity lớn go through a simulation of a real-life situation & practice with modern equipment systems.In November 2016, for the first time in Vietnamese market, raovat360.com.vn Healthcare"s 3d InveniaTM ABUS was launched by Vinmec Hospital in Hanoi & Ho đưa ra Minh City. The Invenia ABUS (Automated Breast Ultrasound System) is an innovative breast cancer screening solution for women with dense breast tissue. When used in addition lớn mammography, Invenia ABUS can improve breast cancer detection by 55 percent over mammography alone.In March 2018, raovat360.com.vn Healthcare in collaboration with Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine & T.D Medical Company launch the new Advanced Imaging Training Center, offering radiologists, radiographers & clinicians technical và hands-on training with raovat360.com.vn’s Enterprise Imaging SoftwareIn May 2018, raovat360.com.vn Healthcare và VietMedical have partnered with University Medical Center (UMC) khổng lồ launch the Anesthesia & Intensive Care Simulation Center in Ho đưa ra Minh city which is the second of its kind in the country, following the successful model launched at Viet Duc Hospital in Hanoi since July 2016


raovat360.com.vn power is a world leader in power raovat360.com.vnneration with deep domain expertise lớn help customers deliver electricity from a wide spectrum of fuel sources. raovat360.com.vn power is transforming the electricity industry with the digital nguồn plant, the world’s larraovat360.com.vnst and most efficient gas turbine, full balance of plant, upgrade & service solutions as well as our data-leveraging software. Our innovative technologies và digital offerings help make power nguồn more affordable, reliable, accessible & sustainable.

raovat360.com.vn signed its first heavy duty gas turbines for Phu My 2-1 power plant in 1995 followed by some additional equipment contracts for Phu My 4, Phu My 2-1 add on, Phu My 2-1 ext địa chỉ on & Nhon Trach 1 combined cycle power plant.In 2015, raovat360.com.vn signed a contract to supply two circulating fluidized bed boiler (CFB) khổng lồ Thang Long power plant. These are the larraovat360.com.vnst CFB boilers in Vietnam providing clean coal power lớn the Vietnam grid.The 600MW Thang Long Thermal power nguồn Plant is the country’s first larraovat360.com.vn-scale independent power nguồn producer (IPP) powered by two 300MW circulating fluidized bed boilers of raovat360.com.vn Steam Power. The plant is able khổng lồ raovat360.com.vnnerate sufficient power that powers 3.4 million Vietnamese households. Since the two units’ COD in 2018, the performance results were higher than the guaranteed boiler efficiency at 88.4% HHV. Unit 1 performed at a rate of 90.248%, while Unit 2 performed at 89.908%.Petrovietnam selected two sets of high-efficiency steam turbines và raovat360.com.vnnerators from raovat360.com.vn for the new Long Phu 1 coal-fired thermal power plant in Soc Trang. Once online, the plant can raovat360.com.vnnerate 1,200 MW, the equivalent nguồn needed lớn supply approximately four million Vietnamese homes.In November 2015, raovat360.com.vn’s power Services business announced the upgrading of GT13E2 MXL2 gas turbine at Phu My power Plant in Vietnam which marks raovat360.com.vn’s first services order after acquiring Alstom’s Power and Grid businesses.In May 2016, raovat360.com.vn power acquired the Heat Recovery Steam raovat360.com.vnnerator (HRSG) business of Doosan Engineering và Construction for $250 million. The Doosan Engineering và Construction HRSG acquisition will help raovat360.com.vn nguồn meet the growing demand for its combined cycle power plant solutions, which utilize HRSG technology, and continue to leveraraovat360.com.vn its expanded customer offerings.In April 2017, raovat360.com.vn unveiled raovat360.com.vn’s Energy Ecosystem portfolio và full ranraovat360.com.vn of energy solutions from nguồn raovat360.com.vnneration, to digital solutions, storaraovat360.com.vn technology & financing to support Vietnam’s national energy araovat360.com.vnnda to deliver affordable, reliable, và more sustainable production, distribution, and consumption of energy.Also, during the Prime Minister’s visit to lớn US, raovat360.com.vn signed đơn hàng with Vietnamese partners during Vietnam Prime Minister visit to US, include a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) khổng lồ co-develop 1500 megawatts (MW) new gas power plants and a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) on 800 MW Phu Cuong Wind Farm in Soc Trang.

Renewable Energy:

raovat360.com.vn Renewable has one of the broadest and deepest renewables portfolios in the industry, with one of the world’s larraovat360.com.vnst installed bases of renewable nguồn raovat360.com.vnneration. From single components to turnkey projects, raovat360.com.vn is deploying its century worth of experience in renewable power raovat360.com.vnneration to help customers improve the performance of their assets over their entire lifecycle.

In 2007, raovat360.com.vn signed a contract to lớn supply electromechanical equipment for the larraovat360.com.vnst hydro power nguồn plant in South East Asia—the 2,400 MW Son La hydro nguồn plant that came into operation three years earlier than planned. Subsequently, raovat360.com.vn also signed a number of contracts for hydro power nguồn plants that make raovat360.com.vn a leading company in the hydro market in Vietnam.In 2009, raovat360.com.vn established a manufacturing plant in the seaport city of hai Phong in response to lớn the growing global demand for nguồn raovat360.com.vnneration equipment và in tư vấn of cleaner energy production. The factory’s operation runs the gamut of the production line, from the 1.X Wind Turbine raovat360.com.vnnerator and 2.X Wind Turbine raovat360.com.vnnerator to electrical control systems components as well as fabrication components. The multiple production lines in the factory continue lớn grow steadily from year to year. The factory is a significant contributor khổng lồ the raovat360.com.vn"s localization strategy and has, lớn date, accounts for 20% averaraovat360.com.vn of the local content produced at the nhị Phong plant. Since early 2016, raovat360.com.vn has lớn transform raovat360.com.vnHP into a Brilliant Factory with baseline 2.5 Lean x 2.0 Digital. In late 2016, the factory achieved 4.0 Lean x 3.5 Digital, the productivity increased by 15%, manufacturing output increased by 10%. It is 1 of 7 Brilliant Factories và the first one the ASEAN region.raovat360.com.vn Renewable plays a key role in the development of Vietnam’s first wind farm in Bac Lieu province, Mekong Delta. raovat360.com.vn supplied 62 wind turbines, totaling over 99 MW of power nguồn raovat360.com.vnneration capacity. The first phase of this wind farm was connected lớn the national grid in June 2013.In March 2015, raovat360.com.vn was officially chosen as the provider of 14 turbines in Phase I of Tay Nguyen Wind Farm project, located in Dak Lak province. The project will be the larraovat360.com.vnst capacity wind farm in Vietnam with total capacity up to lớn 120 MW, after its three phases are completed in 2020.In May 2016, raovat360.com.vn signed a MOU with The Ministry of Industry and Trade lớn accelerate the development of renewable energy in Vietnam. This collaboration aims to lớn develop a minimum of 1,000 MW of new wind farms by 2025, enough khổng lồ power approximately 1.8 million Vietnamese homes. Vietnamese President Tran dẻo Quang và U.S. President Barack Obama witnessed the signing ceremony.In August 2016, raovat360.com.vn signed contract khổng lồ supply & install electromechanical equipment for da Nhim Hydropower Station Expansion project. Accordingly, a new raovat360.com.vnnerator unit with the rated capacity of 80 MW installed will help increase the station’s capacity from 160 MW currently khổng lồ 240 MW. Expected to lớn start commercial operation in Q4/2018, da Nhim hydropower plant is calculated to provide additionally 99 million kWh per year khổng lồ national nguồn grid compared to the current power output of 1,026 kWh per year.In September 2016, raovat360.com.vn Energy Financial Services signed a term sheet with Mainstream Renewable Power lớn develop, build & operate larraovat360.com.vn scale wind nguồn plants in Vietnam. The aim of the agreement is to lớn compliment the 1GW initiative that raovat360.com.vn and Ministry of Industry và Trade signed in May năm 2016 to accelerate larraovat360.com.vn-scale Vietnamese wind project build-out. In response to lớn the agreement, in mid- November, raovat360.com.vn và Mainstream signed a cooperation agreement with Phu Cuong Group lớn jointly develop, build, and operate 800MW Phu Cuong wind farm in the Mekong Delta province of Soc Trang.In November 2016, raovat360.com.vn completed Unit 3 of Lai Chau hydropower plant in which the team was responsible for the design, supplying, guiding the installation, & commissioning of three 400MW Francis hydro turbines, the raovat360.com.vnnerator, speed governor, as well as the static excitation and plant control systems one year ahead of schedule.In 2017, raovat360.com.vn Renewable Energy team got closer lớn the next staraovat360.com.vn of the 1GW wind energy initiative with significant projects in the pipeline, and an MOU signed with IBS in December.

We value partnerships:

raovat360.com.vn has long-term partnerships with Vietnam local companies and organizations such as Ministry of Industry và Trade, Vietnam Airlines, Vietnam Electricity, Vietnam Railways, Petro Vietnam, state- owned & private hospitals.

In May 2015, as part of the continuing celebration of the 20-year anniversary of the normalization ofbilateral relations between the United States & Vietnam, raovat360.com.vn co-organized with U.S. Consulate raovat360.com.vnneral and Vietnam Investment đánh giá a clean energy conference themed “Smart Solutions for Vietnam” in Ho chi Minh City. With the participation of over 200 government officials, business leaders, investors & experts from both countries, the conference created an xuất hiện dialogue for participants to lớn discuss challenraovat360.com.vns, benefits và solutions in pursuing green energy sustainability in Vietnam.In 2015, raovat360.com.vn Hitachi Nuclear Energy (raovat360.com.vnH) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Vietnam Atomic Energy Araovat360.com.vnncy (VAEA) aimed at enhancing the araovat360.com.vnncy’s understanding of light water reactor technology & nuclear project manaraovat360.com.vnment. The agreement calls for raovat360.com.vnH & VAEA to lớn cooperate in promoting the training and development of qualified human resources associated with the civilian nuclear nguồn program in Vietnam.

Partner for Talent and Leadership Development:

In August 2012, raovat360.com.vn Healthcare signed a MOU with Ministry of Health. Under the MOU, raovat360.com.vn will work closely with the Ministry of Health to cooperate on a study to lớn assess the feasibility of local manufacturing of medical devices for the domestic market & the factors necessary khổng lồ attract larraovat360.com.vn-scale investments. Both parties are working toraovat360.com.vnther khổng lồ offer training & employment opportunities for Vietnamese doctors & medical staff.In September 2014, raovat360.com.vn and Hanoi University of Science và Technology (HUST) signed a MOU to collaborate on enhancing training opportunities and developing highly qualified human resources in the fields of science và technology. Furthermore, raovat360.com.vn Hitachi Nuclear Energy (raovat360.com.vnH) signed a sub-MOU with HUST to lớn cooperate in the field of nuclear engineering và technology.raovat360.com.vn is one of the two U.S. Companies funding the Vietnam-U.S. Education Task Force that makesIn October 2016, raovat360.com.vn Oil & Gas University held its first localized training course for 26 young, high potential oil & gas professionals from Petrovietnam. This one-month course was a part of raovat360.com.vn’s local commitment to tư vấn Vietnam in capability building. Specifically, it was an investment of raovat360.com.vn and PetroVietnam khổng lồ ensure the next raovat360.com.vnneration of oil và gas professionals have the skills, knowledraovat360.com.vn và insights needed to be able khổng lồ succeed in an ever-changing environment.

We invest in people:

Employee Training: Globally, raovat360.com.vn invests $1 billion each year on training & education, making us the world’s best company for leaders in 2015. raovat360.com.vn offers numerous developments, training và leadership programs khổng lồ its employees across the region. These opportunities include our Commercial Leadership Program, Financial Manaraovat360.com.vnment Program, raovat360.com.vn Engineering Manaraovat360.com.vnment Program, internships for undergraduate và graduate students, and technical và soft skill training for businesses personnel.Balance the Equation campaign: In 2017, raovat360.com.vn is launching a global initiative called “Balance the Equation” (BTE) to lớn promote women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering và Math). The program aims athaving 20,000 women fill STEM roles at raovat360.com.vn by 2020 & obtaining 50:50 representation for all our technical entry-level programs.raovat360.com.vn Foundation: The raovat360.com.vn Foundation donated over $211,750 in financial assistance lớn 15 economically disadvantaraovat360.com.vnd first year Vietnamese university students. raovat360.com.vn Foundation also contributed $300,000 while establishing the cooperation program between Vietnam National University ‘s và Duke University’s Master Program in Public Policy for Environment Protection in Vietnam.raovat360.com.vn Volunteers Network: Every day, raovat360.com.vn employees help to improve the communities where we live & work through charitable contributions, mentorship programs & volunteering efforts. In 2011, 200 raovat360.com.vn Vietnam employees donated over 1,650 hours across five different projects.raovat360.com.vn Volunteers Vietnam has also brought the “Comfort4Kids” program (a company-wide volunteer effort supporting pediatric patients, which takes place in over 150 raovat360.com.vn locations around the world) to the country since January 2013. The children, ranging from 3 to lớn 8 years old, were treated to lớn a session of enriching activities such as stuffed toy making, storytelling, và received gifts like crayons, coloring books, & other craft-making tools. The program has been implemented at Vietnam National Hospital of Pediatric, National Hospital of Pediatric II, HCMC and the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion.