Dakota Fanning just gave a sweet shoutout to lớn her younger sister Elle Fanning in honor of the Great actress turning 24. 

Dakota, 28, posted a birthday tribute to lớn Instagram lớn mark Elle's special day on Saturday. In the image shared to her account, Dakota faces the camera with one finger held up in front of her face while Elle smiles beside her. 

"Happy Birthday khổng lồ my number 1 favorite person in the world. You're the queen of the birthday caption, so I won't even try," the War of the Worlds actress wrote. 

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"I'll just say that the thing I love most in life is being your sister. And I love you even more. Happy birthday my little fairy 🧚🏻‍♀️

Dakota's birthday message comes after Elle helped her older sister celebrate her own birthday in February. The younger Fanning posted a birthday Instagram for her older sister in which she shared multiple throwback photos of the two of them alongside a sweet, heartfelt caption.

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"I have watched many make your acquaintance. Và without fail, they leave sporting the same mystified expression," Elle began. "First, transfixed by your doll eyes then captured by the wisdom they hold. You disarm with biting humor, but can slay (if needed) with keen intelligence & an uncanny ability khổng lồ win all arguments (sometimes fortunately & unfortunately for me)."

"They all want to be wrapped in your pink glow và once in, your loyalty is forever. I get lớn smile extra though, knowing I'm the luckiest of the bunch. Because you are my sister," she added. 

"My big sister who I watch effortlessly layer jewelry in such a cool way and wear hair clips that I could never pull off & bake insanely good cakes because your measurements are scarily accurate, & knit scarves at the tốc độ of light with your delicate spider hands. Also, you're a grammar police và I'm sure there are a ton of corrections to lớn be made here! Oh… và there's the photographic memory thing," Elle continued.

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To wrap up her caption, she added, "Essentially Dakota is the perfect person và she is ALL MINE!!!!! You'll never see bluer eyes or bluer veins. I love you. HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY!"



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Elle and Dakota took their natural bond into the professional world with the creation of their production company, Lewellen Pictures. Last year, the sister duo announced a new project from their company, a crime thriller based on Megan Miranda's New York Times bestselling novel The Last House Guest.

The series — which is executive produced by Elle and Dakota — is about "an intimate friendship between two girls who fall violently in love with each other's differences, which, in the end, create doubt, betrayal, & tragedy," per MRC Entertainment.


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