Fans of The Good Witch were conflicted when Sam Radford and Cassie Nightingale began dating because they were shipping the pair"s respective children, Nick và Grace, since the first episode. It was clear the bond between Sam and Cassie was strong but Nick & Grace"s were stronger.

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Once Sam và Cassie officially started dating, all hopes of Nick và Grace fell apart now that they were about khổng lồ be related. However, their relationship wasn"t always as close as it was when the two graduated high school. Let"s take a look back at the pair"s worse moments that proved they weren"t as close as fans thought.


In the second episode of the series, Nick is off khổng lồ a bad start at school when he attempts to steal the school"s mascot. His plan goes awry when the school"s principal stops him in the hallway. To save himself, he shoved the mascot into Grace"s locker & walked away, leaving Grace khổng lồ take the heat for theft. Even after Grace is caught with the mascot, all Nick cares about is if she ratted him out or not. It doesn"t take a magical witch like Cassie to lớn realize that Nick wasn"t the kindest of kids in the beginning.


Nick didn"t have the most stable upbringing. With Sam và Linda working so much & their inevitable divorce, Nick fell into the wrong crowd in new york City. It didn"t help that Nick"s mother Linda lied often.

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In "Running Scared," Anthony is having a hard time training for the upcoming race, so Grace suggests that Nick trains him. Nick declines, which prompts Grace to call him selfish. Oddly enough, later that night Sam thanks Grace for getting Nick involved with training Anthony for the race. Grace knew the truth và was annoyed that Nick was using her apart of his lie to lớn his dad.


The Good Witch episode "Running Scared" was viewed positively by fans. In it, Grace talks to lớn Anthony & realizes that Nick really wasn"t training Anthony. She wanted to lớn tell Sam that Nick was lying lớn him but found a sneakier way of letting the mèo out of the bag. She invited Anthony over only to lớn make him leave as soon as Sam pulled up in the driveway. She knew Sam would ask Anthony how training was going with Nick, which would inevitably show Nick"s lie. Lớn her delight, her plan worked and got Nick into trouble.


Grace is one of the smartest students at school, which bothers Nick from time khổng lồ time because there"s nothing she"s bad at. The two began butting heads even more in "Together We Stand..." when they were locked in school with Anthony due khổng lồ a storm.

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With the three of them hungry and looking for food, Grace decided lớn only chia sẻ her one candy bar with Anthony, leaving Nick out. Nick, of course, is mad and judges them for eating without him.


In the third season, Grace meets Courtney & the two become fast friends. Courtney was a very likable character & she caught the eye of Nick. For a couple of days, Grace was under the impression that Nick had feelings for her but when he admitted to liking Courtney, something changed between the two. Grace wasn"t upset or annoyed that he liked someone else, but she realized they weren"t as close as they were.

When a new kid named Noah comes to Middleton and attends Grace & Nick"s school, it"s clear Grace và Noah have feelings for each other. They were always giggly & appeared lớn have a lot in common. But as it is with most Hallmark tropes, Grace felt like she couldn"t lượt thích Noah because Nick didn"t like him. It turned out that Nick và Noah used lớn be friends in new york City but had a falling out. Nick couldn"t be supportive of Grace & Noah"s relationship and even had residual trust issues with Grace for liking someone he hated.

At the kết thúc of the third season, Nick confides in Grace that he wants to break up with Courtney. Courtney and Nick were spending so much time together that Nick felt lượt thích he was missing out. Grace was caught in the middle since she was friends with both of them. She forced Nick to lớn break up with her quickly but when he drug his feet she accidentally let the cat out of the bag in front of Courtney. Courtney was devastated that Nick broke up with her và he lost all trust in Grace. It was an emotional time in their relationship.

In "Family Time," Grace and Nick are still at odds over the Courtney situation but are forced to lớn spend time together at the lake house. Things get off khổng lồ a bad start when Nick tries taking Grace"s phone và it falls into the lake, but they get even worse when Nick runs off with a neighbor và leaves Grace behind. Luckily for Nick, Grace was brave enough khổng lồ rescue him even when he left her to boredom hours prior.

The Good Witch is one of Hallmark"s best-running shows with multiple movies proving its validity. The relationship between Nick & Grace is a large reason why the show is as great as it is. But things weren"t always kosher between the two. When Nick first moved to lớn Middleton, Grace asked him if he needed any help. He wanted khổng lồ know the "fastest way out of Middleton," which was the worst thing someone could say to Grace. Grace loved her hometown more than anything and wrote off Nick as soon as he chose NYC over it.

At the beginning of their relationship, it seemed lượt thích the only one pulling for a friendship was Grace. In "The Storm," Grace bumps into Nick at the library. She brings up a casual conversation but Nick isn"t having any of it. He tells her she asks too many questions and talks too much, but she says it"s just the art of conversation. Nick was unamused và leaves her alone. After they get stuck in the library during a snow storm, Nick makes the comment that he has "another reason lớn hate the library" because he"s stuck there with Grace. Ouch!

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