Satisfy your cravings by getting the food you love from your favourite restaurants delivered khổng lồ you fast. is now available in selected areas of Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố – District 1, District 3, District 4, District 5, District 7, District 10, Phu Nhuan and Go Vap, Binh Thanh, rã Binh. We are expanding quickly, so stay tuned for more areas soon!


Just a tap away.

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Feed your cravings with your favourite foods delivered to lớn you, wherever you are.


Foods for all cravings.

From local fare to lớn restaurant favourites, our wide selection of food will definitely satisfy all your cravings.

Fill your delivery address.

Select your favourite restaurant.

Select meal from restaurant.

Enter Notes to drivers if needed, or key in promo code if any.

Complete your order.

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Sit back và get ready to enjoy your meal.




* is a service that connects local food businesses lớn people. has always brought people khổng lồ things that matter khổng lồ them, & we are now committed khổng lồ bringing things that matter closer lớn people. When you place an order with, we receive it, send it off khổng lồ the restaurant and assign a delivery partner to pick up the order to bring it to you.

Depending on your area và local restaurant hours, we begin delivering as early as 7am & run as late as 10pm.

To see which restaurants are available for delivery, just enter your address in Khổng lồ keep your food fresh và ensure speedy deliveries, we limit the available restaurants khổng lồ those within a given distance from your location.

Cost of the food depends on what the restaurant is charging for their food plus a delivery fee you can see in the app! presents a variety of food based on what is available around you, Vietnamese, Western, Asian, European, Fusion và so on. We will continue lớn bring on more variety of food as we expand.

The listed restaurants are listed based on the estimated time & distance of delivery khổng lồ your place. is now operating only in certain areas in HCMC, if you do not see restaurants around you, fret not, we will soon expand our service lớn other areas.

You can see where your driver is from the app. If the driver’s position map does not change, you can directly hotline the driver’s phone number listed on the application.

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