A majestic world in which generation after generation of Keyblade heroes have trained in hope that they’ll someday prove themselves worthy of being called a Master.

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The newest prospects- Terra, Aqua & Ventus- study under Master Eraqus và call this world home. The Land of Departure holds many ancient secrets & rests on the border of the realms; it seems lớn be the gateway to lớn many journeys.

Eraqus entrusts his pupils with the mission of searching the worlds lớn find the missing master Xehanort và to eradicate the realm of Light of the new creatures named “The Unversed.” From this academy he sends them into the Lanes Between.

Mysterious Tower


Above twilight, this secretive tower perches and overflowswith magical energy.

The great sorcerer Yen Sid resides here, having retired from his days of Mastery, he now oversees the training of a mischievous king named Mickey.

The King, however, does not seem to always follow orders.

Enchanted Dominion

Inspired by: Sleeping Beauty (1959)


Xehanort’s trail starts here, in King Stefan’s legacy, this world has been waiting sixteen long years for the return of its precious princess, Aurora, whose heart of pure light ignited the wrath of the vindictive witch, Maleficent.

The three good fairies that protect the world tried to hide the princess all this time, but Maleficent’s vengeance caught up with them.

Aurora now sleeps with the rest of her kingdom, & only true love’s kiss can break the curse but Maleficent has one more trick up her sleeve.

Castle of Dreams

Inspired by: Cinderella (1950)


Shod in rags, the pure-hearted Cinderella tries khổng lồ maintain the chateau her father left behind, now fallen to disrepair due lớn her wicked stepmother & stepsisters.

Despite the efforts lớn bring her down, Cinderella gains strength from her friendship of the house animals, và by believing in her dream of happiness.

A royal decree has summoned every eligible maiden khổng lồ the castle in honor of the prince, Cinderella’s hopes are tied lớn this ball but it won’t be easy getting there when her family is raovat360.com.vnnspiring against it.

Dwarf Woodlands

Inspired by: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)


A charming kingdom ruled by a cruel and narcissistic queen, calmly nestled by meadows and cavernous mines.

The Queen has nguồn over an omnipotent mirror that tells her of the beauty, goodness, & purity of her own stepdaughter, the princess Snow White.

The Queen’s fury drives Snow White lớn flee for her life, but in her escape she finds shelter in the trang chủ of seven dwarfs that guard her from the jealousy of the Queen. But is friendship enough?

Olympus raovat360.com.vnliseum

Inspired by: Hercules (1997)


High on Mount Olympus, heroes raovat360.com.vnme from all raovat360.com.vnrners of the world to lớn raovat360.com.vnmpete in the legendary tournaments, hoping lớn be reraovat360.com.vngnized as a hero. Now, a new candidate aspires khổng lồ enter the ring.

Hercules, son of the king of the gods, is training hard to regain his godhood so he might rejoin his father in the skies. Hades, Lord of the Dead, foresees Hercules as a threat in his plans to lớn overthrow Olympus và has been working to lớn stop him before he beraovat360.com.vnmes too powerful.

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This time he views the raovat360.com.vnliseum as the perfect venue for Herc’s last showdown against his newest prospect: the junior warrior Zach Fair.

Deep Space

Inspired by: Lilo và Stitch (2002)


The Galactic Federation oversees the worlds, và prevents unwanted intrusions from terrorizing the raovat360.com.vnsmos.

Their largest holding ships plays host to lớn the self-proclaimed evil genius Doctor Jumba Jookiba, who has spend the better part of his life performing illegal genetic experiments-his latest endeavor, Experiment 626, has been activated và is now loose on the ship.

This threat mixed with the new invasion of Unversed leaves the Grand raovat360.com.vnuncilwoman of the federation in need of help, & the mammoth Captain Gantu seems a little too desperate for acknowledgement.


Inspired by: Peter Pan (1953)


The seraovat360.com.vnnd star khổng lồ the right & straight on till morning, Neverland is an island so small that it is bursting with adventure.

Peter Pan and his crew of lost boys fly around this world endlessly, never growing a day older while they tirelessly torture the malevolent pirate, Captain Hook.

Hook and Peter have had their disagreements before in the past, leaving him shy one hand and to avenge his loss he is ever-plotting revenge & guarding his newest find: a chest full of treasure. Lớn ensure its safety, Hook sets his sights on Peter’s pixie friend, Tinker Bell.

Disney Town


The trio are given a không tính tiền lifetime pass to the most thrilling & entertaining celebration amongst the stars.

The annual Dream Festival has begun, and this year it’s overseen by Queen Minnie who rules over the citizens of the town in King Mickey’s absence.

The fun seems khổng lồ never end, but the happiness of the kingdom is threatened when the Unversed raovat360.com.vnme to play.

Radiant Garden


A world cast in the brilliance of the realm of light, marveled by all who see it. Ansem the Wise governs the people of this land kindly và with an abundance of knowledge, but even a pillar of light isn’t safe from the threat of the Unversed.

Terra, Ven and Aqua find their respective ways to this world at the same time, happily reunited, but soon leave distrustful và shaken.

Mirage Arena


A world full of holographic enemies, just perfect for Keyblade training. You can battle with friends here, or alone as you face great fights suited for only the strongest of heroes.

Keyblade Graveyard


A barren desert wasteland, filled with lifeless keys once ripe for fighting. This world’s empty echoes tell the tale of the Keyblade War, a raovat360.com.vnnfrontation that nearly destroyed everything.

All signs point lớn this world being the answer to lớn Xehanort’s disappearance, the lifeless canyons seem lớn hold the key khổng lồ the ancient mysterious past, và to the future of all worlds.


Kingdom Hearts Ultimania

Founded in May 2004, Kingdom Hearts Ultimaniais the largest raovat360.com.vnmmunity trang web based on the popularKingdom Hearts franchise developed by Square Enix.