Nice to lớn Meet You is more about the lead character journey as she faces so many ups & downs, then her journey of becoming a story of unsuccessful to lớn a successful story where she faced love, hatred, love triangle, jealousy and a happy ending.

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Nice to Meet You is that Chinese Drama that got interesting at the beginning but lượt thích any Chinese Drama, it get draggy in the middle of the drama.

Hi Listeer, Welcome back và how was the holiday. On the blog, am going khổng lồ talk about Nice khổng lồ meet you, a Chinese drama that I watch in 2019.

Drama Details

Nice to lớn Meet You is more about the lead character journey as she faces a number of challenges than her journey of becoming a story of unsuccessful to lớn a successful story where she faced love, hatred, love triangle, jealousy và a happy ending.

SypnosisAn aspiring designer almost loses everything due to lớn a scheme to take her down. She meets the successor of a premier jeweller that paves the way for a sizzling romance. Gao Jie has always dreamed of becoming a jewellery designer, so she packs up her bags khổng lồ find work at a mining company in South America. She falls in love with Yu Zhi, the successor of Shengfeng Jewelry. Things vày not gosmoothly for Gao Jie after returning khổng lồ China, but to lớn pursue her passion, she gets a job at Shengfeng. Shengfeng used to lớn be the gold label in the industry. However, fierce competition from Western jewellers has reduced the brand’s prominence over the years. To get the company back to lớn its former glory, Yu Zhi breaks tradition by focusing on Western designs. After Gao Jie joins Shengfeng, she becomes fascinated with the exquisite beauty of traditional Chinese jewellery and becomes mix on creating designs that fuse Eastern and Western influences. Alas, their cooperation and budding romance encounter roadblocks due to Yu Zhi’s stepmother, Mu Zi Yun. She is also Gao Jie’s aunt who has been conspiring khổng lồ take over the company.(Source Dramalist)

My Thought on Nice to lớn Meet You

Their love story is one hell of a ride but the end made it all worth it, The acting is also so good, most especially Zhang Ming En.

Fell in love with his portrayal of YZ – how he nailed being a sweet boyfriend lớn GJ and how he acted lượt thích a jerk in the latter part. I felt his pain when he thought GJ betrayed him. I also love the character development that is very much present in the drama and how it walked us through the characters’ journey to forgiveness.

Nice to Meet You made it lớn my vị trí cao nhất 10 Chinese drama of 2019 and some things am pissed about, I might say some curse words along the way, I know some of you will be baffled by why I said it my favourite đứng top 10 for some reason which I will review along.

I was so intrigued & curious about the beginning of the drama which start with a wedding và where the groom humiliated the bride; likewhatdarling excuse me!!


I Said What I Said on Nice to lớn Meet You

They are both lead characters, what the hell bought about that humiliation, what crime did she commit, how will she forgive him and he even has the might throw away their love ring that she design into the lake, he sure as hell better produce that ring when he found out he was wrong & I want to see that scenes

Unfortunately, those scenes were never captured; you can see my dilemma so he didn’t suffer enough, the forgiveness was kind of too easy maybe cause am fed up with easy forgiveness between lead).

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It was more or less that she had to lớn forgive him cause they pass through life và death again which was nice yet I would have loved it khổng lồ be better.

Watching the drama after the episode was fully aired was a great comfort khổng lồ me, making me start from the after the flashback episode (36) to the forgiveness episode (44), cause I need a validated reason for me lớn forgive him along with her, push me to start from the beginning (01) và their relationship & chemistry was good.

I love that he allows her the space she needed until the director decidedNAH,the space is not necessary, another thing I dislike was that was it really necessary to lớn put those kinds of a plotline

A little thing called love is actually that Chinese drama that made me appreciate how mature, the miscommunication was handled. A little thing called Love

The ones that the family her father abandoned her và her mother for, gave birth khổng lồ a stepsister that also good in the kiến thiết industry, fell in love with her sister boyfriend & the step sister and her mother doing everything to lớn sabotage her in the business and personal world.

I don’t need to lớn give you all the details, that storyline is getting overused in drama & the English were terrible, sorry to lớn say, would have loved it if the production team had hired better voice actors in speaking English.

This drama also shows us that “Winning is not everything. If one wants a long-lasting loving relationship, one should build it with trust, love, and without an ulterior motive.

Final Thought

Overall, this is a rather fun drama lớn watch if you don’t mind the family issues I talk about, yet about the end, we were not shown what happened lớn the second lead couple yet we could all guess.

There are times the lead actress emotions vày not match with the scene, at one side lead actor shows a happy face and her emotion so loose that she destroy the emotions.

The OSTs was good, relatable to the story plot making the drama, và now that I finally finished it, I am back with re-watching my favourite parts again.

Let Chat

How interested are you in me reviewing drama?How forgetful are you of humilation?I am over reacting when i said that she should not have forgive him since he never produced that lost ring?Tell me what Chinese drama would you recommend?