Written on the spot by Adele when she woke up in the middle of the night, lượt thích many of the songs on 21, “Set Fire to the Rain” covered the heartbreak of her first relationship.

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Recounting all the red flags leading to the breakup, “Set Fire to the Rain” was one of Adele’s 21 nguồn anthems of survival with the lyrics, Cause there’s a side lớn you / That I never knew, never knew / All the things you’d say / They were never true, never true/ & the games you’d play / You would always win, always win, continuing through the fiery chorus.

But I mix fire lớn the rainWatched it pour as I touched your faceWell, it burned while I cried‘Cause I heard it screaming out your nameYour name

I mix fire to lớn the rainAnd I threw us into the flamesWhen we fell, something died‘Cause I knew that that was the last timeThe last time

Adele said her heart was breaking as she wrote each song on 21.

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“It broke my heart when I wrote this record, so the fact that people are taking it lớn their hearts is lượt thích the best way lớn recover, ‘cause I’m still not fully recovered,” said Adele in a 2011 interview reflecting on the songs, inspired by her relationship with a man who ended up marrying someone else. “It’s going to lớn take me 10 years to lớn recover, I think, from the way I feel about my last relationship. It was the biggest giảm giá khuyến mãi in my entire life to lớn date.”


She added, “He made me totally hungry. He was older. He was successful in his own right, whereas my boyfriends before were my age và not really doing much. And he got me interested in film and literature and food and wine & traveling và politics and history, and those were things I was never, ever interested in. I was interested in going clubbing & getting drunk.”

Written by Adele andFraser T. Smith và produced by Smith, thepower balladwas Adele’s second single off 21 in Europe and her third in the U.S. The tuy nhiên also peaked at No. 1 internationally in Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, và the U.S., and charted within the đứng top 10 in Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, & Switzerland.

Initially, the tuy nhiên barely made it on the 21 album, but a last-minute switch placed it on the final cut. Eventually, “Set Fire to lớn the Rain” also replaced 21 track “Rumour Has It” as the third single in the U.S., based on research conducted by radio programmers. “Our research found more programmer preference for ‘Set Fire to lớn the Rain,’” said Pete Cosenza, senior vice president of adult radio promotion at Columbia. “Both ‘Rumour’ & ‘Fire’ came back strong, but ‘Fire’ was a bit stronger.”

For 21, Adele went on to lớn win dozens of awards, including American Music Awards, British Music Awards (British Album of the Year), and 2012 Grammy Awards for Best Pop Vocal Album và Album of the Year.

“Set Fire to lớn the Rain” also set Adele’s chart status early on, making her the first female British artist to have three consecutive U.S. No. 1 hits with “Rolling in the Deep,” “Someone like You,” và “Set Fire khổng lồ the Rain.”

In 2013, Adele’s live performance of “Set Fire lớn the Rain” from Live at Royal Albert Hall earned another Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance.