Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston were hot và heavy for a while, but the relationship didn"t seem lượt thích it was going lớn last.

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One of the oldest guys that Taylor Swift dated is Hollywood star, Tom Hiddleston. The singer and Tom met at New York"s star-studded Met Gala in 2016. The pair were filmed dancing at the party. At that time, Taylor Swift had just broken up with the acclaimed DJ Calvin Harris. Two weeks after the breakup, she was photographed kissing Hiddleston on a beach. However, Tom made the relationship public so fast that the truyền thông media accused him of using the You Belong With Me singer to gain fame. Hiddleston defended by saying, "The truth is Taylor & I are together. We"re very happy. Thanks for asking. That"s the truth. Not a publicity stunt."

But the question remained: Was he really using her for fame? Some people pointed out that Hiddleston"s relationship might have cost him the role of James Bond since the franchise likes lớn cast low-profile men lượt thích Daniel Craig, who keeps his life private. It was said that the franchise was interested in Tom until he got into a relationship with Taylor. Và this was just the start of Tom"s nightmare. The couple broke up after three months of dating. Here are all the reasons why Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were never meant to be.

According lớn Cosmopolitan, a source from Daily Mail revealed that their separation stems from Tom asking Taylor khổng lồ be his date to lớn the Emmys. However, Taylor didn"t feel comfortable making their relationship public so soon. The insider added, "Tom"s need for their relationship lớn be so public so quickly makes her uncomfortable. She tried lớn be OK with it in the beginning but fears he is in love with the idea of her and not falling in love with her for the right reasons." Tom allegedly wanted their relationship lớn be public, which was previously bashed for being "a publicity stunt." On the other hand, Taylor reportedly wanted khổng lồ keep her private life private, so the idea of walking a red carpet together as a couple và as the first boyfriend she"s ever walked a carpet with was unsettling khổng lồ her.

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An insider revealed lớn US Weekly that Taylor Swift was fresh off her breakup with Calvin Harris when Tom started reaching out. "He really courted her. He liked her và saw an opportunity when she was suddenly single, & he went for it." Even though the Bad Blood singer was newly single, the insider said that Taylor wouldn"t let her breakup get in the way of her having fun. At that time, the insider added, "She"s single, so of course, if a xinh đẹp guy reaches out who she likes, she would talk lớn him. There really isn"t a better way lớn get over a breakup!"

After Tom Hiddleston started dating Taylor Swift in 2016, he gained a lot of attention. Although he wasn"t new to lớn Hollywood, he was new khổng lồ superstardom. At that time, the actor participated in many indie movies but wasn"t yet a household name. Although he was already known for his role as Loki, Tom wasn"t as famous as Taylor Swift. Some fans think Tom used Taylor only lớn toss her lớn the side once he became more famous.

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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston"s relationship reached its first conflict when the actor got busy shooting for Thor: Ragnarok. At that time, a source revealed khổng lồ Us Weekly that they weren"t spending as much time together, saying, "There was so much going on, so it was hard making their schedules work, and they were upset they couldn"t see each other." It was only three months into their relationship, & the couple broke up. The reason was that they had a major argument over their long-distance relationship.

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Taylor Swift và Tom Hiddleston were spotted kissing for the very first time when Kim Kardashian"s GQ interview dropped in which she called out Taylor for being a liar. As many fans know, Taylor"s public reputation decreased when Kanye West released a tuy nhiên regarding her named Famous. In the song, Kanye dissed Taylor. The Bad Blood singer said that she didn"t give permission to include a rude lyric about her in the rapper"s song. But some people thought she turned out khổng lồ be a liar when Kim Kardashian leaked a conversation between Taylor & Kanye. The convo clearly showed that the rapper had contacted Taylor regarding the song. However, Kim"s GQ interview went almost unnoticed because the news of Taylor"s new boyfriend gained more attention.

Even though they broke up for a reason being the long-distance, it was clear Hiddleston was done with all the truyền thông media drama related to lớn Taylor. Also, Taylor had hurried into the relationship since she didn"t even wait a month after breaking up with Calvin Harris. They got together way too fast. So, did Hiddleston use Taylor Swift for fame, or it"s the other way around? Because as things stand, some people think that Taylor used Hiddleston to lớn move on from her breakup with the DJ. Either way, the truth is that Taylor Swift và Tom Hiddleston were never meant lớn be.

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