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This is an in-depth, technical đánh giá of the Logitech Brio 4K UHD Webcam. In this reviews I will cover:



Build Quality

Image quality (and how to lớn maximize it)

Audio Quality




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Maximum resolution và frame rate: 1080p, 60 FPS and 4K, 30 FPS. (USB 3.0 required. 1080p, 30 FPS is max with 2.0 connection.)

Detachable USB 3.0 Type-C khổng lồ Type-A cable included. 85 inches in length.

Field of view: adjustable 90 degrees, 78 degrees, 65 degrees.

2 built in microphones.

Detachable monitor video with 1/4th inch tripod thread.




I bought my Logitech Brio (Amazon) for $150, và the MSRP on launch was $200.

The product may be listed as the “Logitech 4K Pro” depending on where you buy it. $150 is less than I got my Logitech Streamcam for, và the Brio cost me $100 less than the launch MSRP of the AVerMedia Live Streamer CAM 513 (my review).

Current pricing is in the liên kết above.

Build Quality

The main body toàn thân of the Logitech Brio is 4 inches wide, 1 inch tall, và 1 inch thick (front khổng lồ back). The lens is glass, & the black part of the toàn thân and the monitor clip is plastic. I can’t tell for sure if the silver part of the toàn thân is actually metal or just hard plastic.

Detaching the monitor đoạn clip requires you to lớn pull it straight out which makes it feel and sound lượt thích it will break, but it won’t.




The Brio can’t be tilted up or down or turned left or right, so it’s basically stuck in a fixed position.

Overall the build quality is passable. Logitech could have put the tripod thread on the bottom of the monitor video and allowed for some rotation on the body. The wire could also use a few more inches, but you can replace it with your own since it is detachable.

Image quality

In this section, I'm going to lớn cover:

out the box performance

how khổng lồ optimize lighting và settings


color accuracy

depth of field


Out the box performance

These images were recorded in OBS with default (automatic) settings.

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With just daylight, the image is passable, but a lot of detail is lost. The uneven shadows also make for an unflattering image. Still, this is much better than other webcams with this amount of light.

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At night, there's not a lot of hope, as the image is grainy and màu sắc reproduction is pretty much impossible. This is common for pretty much any camera.

How to optimize the Brio’s quality with lighting và settings


 The Logitech Brio is at its full potential with a lot of light. How much light? As much as you can give it. In the day time, I use the Elgato Ring Light (my review) & the LimoStudio LMS 103 umbrella lighting kit.

At night, I'll be using the Elgato Ring Light, LimoStudio LMS103, and two Elgato Key Light Airs as back lights. All my lights are at maximum brightness at night, và I lượt thích the màu sắc temperature around 5250 Kelvin. During the day, the temperature can be adjusted with the sun.

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Elgato Key Light (left), Ring Light (middle), Key Light Air (right).

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Setting up Limostudio LMS103 Lighting Kit.


Using OBS, here are the best settings I’ve found for the Logitech Brio:

The exposure is generally best at about -5 or -6. -5 is brighter, but -6 has less motion blur. At -4 the shutter tốc độ is just way too slow lớn get a usable image as it effectively drops the frame rate. -7 is almost always too dark unless it’s day time with a flood of studio lighting.

The gain (light sensitivity) is best at 0 if at all possible to lớn keep the graininess of the image to lớn a minimum. But in some cases, I'll raise it up slightly maybe to trăng tròn at the highest.

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Less motion blur at -6, but requires a gain increase lớn maintain brightness.

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More motion blur at -5, but gain can be set to lớn 0.

White balance should be phối manually. Usually around 4100 works at night for this lighting setup, but it will depend on your light source. One thing I don’t like about the white balance on the Brio is it’s actually impossible lớn replicate the look achieved by auto-white balance. When set khổng lồ automatic, the Brio has the ability to địa chỉ in some yellow that you simply can’t access no matter how much you change the slider.

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Auto trắng balance. This yellow shade can’t be replicated with manual controls.

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Manual trắng balance at 4080.

Now let's break down the Brio’s performance with these optimizations.


At 1080p, the Logitech Brio has above average sharpness for a webcam. You can still see text from a distance, but there's definitely a lot of detail lost compared to if you were actually looking at the scene yourself. The edges of objects are a bit soft và pixelated, và textures look airbrushed. 

At 4K, the edges on objects are clean & you can even see screen print textures on shirts. The image looks great, & it blows out camcorders at similar pricing.

This detail is useful for green screens. At 1080p, using a green screen with the Brio is pretty good, but the soft edges make removing the green from stills a bit inaccurate. Using a green screen at 4K is excellent.